Leonard Cohen, Popular Problems, review: ‘a masterpiece’ by The Telegraph

‘Leonard Cohen has created a masterpiece at the age of 80, says Neil McCormick

At the age of 80, Leonard Cohen has created a masterpiece. It’s a smoky, late-night concoction delivered with a deceptively light touch that masks deep seriousness. Opening track Slow proves a gentle curtain raiser, played out with wry humour over a bluesy electric piano, Cohen taking the opportunity to dismiss notions that advancing years might be responsible for the sedate pace of the music: “It’s not because I’m old/ It’s not what dying does/ I always liked it slow/ Slow is in my blood.”’

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Leonard Cohen’s critically acclaimed newest studio album is now available everywhere!

Popular Problems is Cohen’s 13th studio album, and is available now on his artist store, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and your favourite streaming service.

Check out these stellar reviews by Andrew Warner of the CBC, Ann Powers from NPR and Neil McCormick of the Telegraph who called it a masterpiece.

Popular Problems Tracklisting:
1. Slow
2. Almost Like The Blues
3. Samson In New Orleans
4. A Street
5. Did I Ever Love You
6. My Oh My
7. Nevermind
8. Born In Chains
9. You Got Me Singing