Bassist/Producer Roscoe Beck has had a long association with Leonard Cohen beginning with his work on the Recent Songs album in 1979 and continuing on the 1979/1980 tours.

In 1986 Roscoe and Jennifer Warnes produced her highly acclaimed collection of Leonard Cohen songs, Famous Blue Raincoat. Two years later he worked with Leonard on his I’m Your Man CD and served as musical director, assembling the band for Cohen’s 1988 world tour. Roscoe is also heard on the Leonard Cohen recordings Field Commander Cohen, Dear Heather, Live In London, and Old Ideas.

In addition to his work with Cohen, Roscoe has produced and toured with artists as diverse as Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, Oz Noy, and the Dixie Chicks. He has made three instructional videos, the most recent created exclusively for iPad, “Bass Jam with Robben Ford.” Fender Musical Instruments has honored Roscoe with production of the Roscoe Beck Signature Bass, in four and five string models.

Roscoe’s solo album, Walk On, features a complement of guest artists including James Cotton, Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, Kim Wilson, Neil Larsen and Mitch Watkins.