DINO SOLDO (2008-2010 TOUR)

Referred to by Leonard Cohen as the “master of breath,” California-native Dino Soldo plays various electric and acoustic wind instruments, guitar, keyboards and the chromatic harmonica. Starting with guitar lessons at the age of five, Soldo picked up clarinet and saxophone in his high school band. By the time he was 23 he had toured as a member of the sax section of Tower of Power. Over the years he has toured and played sessions with Ray Charles, Lionel Richie, Beyonce, Elton John, Cyndi Lauper and LeAnn Rimes.

Soldo has also recorded three solo albums, Strange and Beautiful (2000), Thread (2003) and most recently Balance (2007). While Strange and Beautiful and Thread were pop-oriented vocal albums, for balance Soldo chose to record a largely instrumental album, reflecting his long standing love of big-voiced tenor saxophone players such as Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins and Eddie Harris. Among the musicians helping Soldo on the record are Sheila E., Art Neville and sax master Ernie Watts. Dino’s new CD, “Closer-away “, has been released this summer and shows off his many faceted talents as singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.