Stellar Video: Born In Chains

Posted by Allan Showalter:

Stellar Video: Born In Chains By Leonard Cohen With Sharon Robinson & The Webb Sisters – Las Vegas 2010.

“Born In Chains” has a long history. In a 1988 interview, Leonard lamented, “And this song, ‘Taken Out of Egypt’ [as the song was then titled] took months and months to write. Nobody believes me when I say these things but I have the notebooks and I don’t fill them in an evening.” That version was developed for but not used on the 1988 I’m Your Man album. Even after “Born In Chains” was first performed in concert at the July 27, 2010 Salzburg, Austria show, the lyrics and arrangements changed frequently over the course of the 2010 Tour. It was finally released as a track on Popular Problems in 2014.

The version featured today, captured on video by Albert Noonan on Dec 11, 2010 in Las Vegas, is notable for the prominent roles played by Sharon Robinson and the Webb Sisters.

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