Leonard Cohen To Receive Order Of Canada

Leonard Cohen will receive Canada's highest civilian honour when he is officially promoted to Companion of the Order of Canada. Cohen will be recognized for his contributions to poetry and music, with a body of work that has spanned over 40 years.

Leonard Cohen is considered one of the most influential artists of his generation, inspiring both writers and musicians from around the world. His stark images of love, beauty and despair have touched fans internationally.

For a man who only "aspired to be a minor poet" early in his career, Leonard Cohen has produced a body of work that has withstood the passage of time. As Cohen told L.A. Style, "I became a writer, and as my friend (Irving) Layton always said, a poet is deeply conflicted and it's in his work that he reconciles those deep conflicts. That place is the harbor. It doesn't set the world in order, you know, it doesn't really change anything. It just is a kind of harbor, it's the place of reconciliation, it's the conssolumentum, the kiss of peace." Leonard Cohen has taken us down to that place by the harbor and our world has become that much richer for the journey.

The induction ceremonies will occur in October at Ottawa's Rideau Hall.