Cohen In Rolling Stone

For all those who have yet to experience Leonard Cohen's 'Field Commander Cohen,' check out what Rolling Stone's James Hunter had to say about the platter in his '4 Star' review from March 26, 2001:

"...diving headlong into the squirrelly intersections of pop and dramatic music, exploring the vagaries of a topic that, for Cohen, was a poetic cosmos unto itself: romance. This recording demonstrates how adeptly he recast that world. His six-man band, Passenger, not only follows but drives and animates his songs. Listen to the title track, in which Passenger easily negotiate the changes: from a march into the graceful slide of a ballad, then into a cheesy, skittery pop tune. Cohen also performs with a backup singer, Jennifer Warnes, who in "The Smokey Life" and "The Gypsy's Wife" represents another sensuous and intelligent reason why 'Field Commander Cohen' is so elaborately, and yet simply, awesome."