The Leonard Cohen Files

Established in 1995, an information resource including a discography, filmography,
photos, analyses, cover versions and tribute albums, unpublished poems, and updates
about Cohen events and tours.

Speaking Cohen

Interviews, transcripts of radio and TV interviews, articles, anecdotes, analyses, book,concert and album reviews plus photos, all spanning Leonard’s 50+ year career.

The Leonard Cohen Forum

Discussion board with over 16,000 Cohen-related topics.

French Leonard Cohen site

All the works of Leonard Cohen in French, including discussion board, reviews,
interviews, photos and tour reports.

The Leonard Cohen Concordance

Can't remember the title of that Cohen poem about the flower growing out of the hand?
Use this search engine of Leonard’s songs, poems and prose.

Heck of a Guy

Blog with a unique perspective on Leonard Cohen’s music and career ranging from
critical analyses to satiric pieces.

Christof Graf’s the Cohenpedia - Websites

German resource including information on Cohen’s life and work, songs, albums, books,
concerts, interviews, latest news, links and everything about the world tour.

Diamonds in the Lines: Leonard Cohen

Leonard’s spoken or sung introductions to songs and additional verses to songs
Leonard included during his concerts.

Croatian Leonard Cohen Site

Croatian resource including all the information on Cohen’s life and work, albums, books, translations in Croatia and former Yugoslavia, latest news, links, Facebook page, YouTube channel etc.

Leonard Cohen’s Book of Longing

International website dedicated to Leonard Cohen’s latest book of poetry.

Leonard Cohen Custom Search And Web Directory

Customized search engine and web directory that indexes the best - and only the best -
Leonard Cohen sources online.

Leonard Cohen Facebook Page

Official Band/Musician page.

Lithuanian site provides information on Leonard's books, albums, and local concerts. Also includes books, documentaries and articles about Leonard, a FAQ section and an English section.

Current Cohen

Information and reports on Leonard's latest album, artwork and other material celebrating Leonard and his work, selected links, history of Leonard's TV spots.

Chords of Leonard Cohen

Information on all albums with lyrics and a song index plus downloadable chords for songs.

Arlene's Leonard Cohen Scrapbook

Photos, videos, reports and details of events, tributes and concerts involving Leonard and his work.

Tea and Oranges - A Beautiful Losers Site

Information on "Energy of Slaves," a record setting Leonard's poems to music. Also, photos from Leonard Cohen Fan Events and an on-line game involving Leonard's albums covers.

I Can't Forget

Chronicling the Leonard Cohen Fan Events since 2002 with photos. Also includes photos from some concerts during the 2008-2010 World Tour.

Leonard Cohen (Chinese Site)

Streaming the latest news about Leonard and his activities. Includes polls, fan questions and information on press in China and around the world. Special section with photos and videos and a section devoted to Leonard's women.

Leonard Norman Cohen - Poeta Piosenki

A Polish resource which includes the latest news, a bibliography of books about Leonard, a comprehensive discography, and information on Leonard's poetry, books, concerts in Poland and documentaries about Leonard.

UNED - Exposición virtual Leonard Cohen

A virtual exhibition dedicated to Leonard Cohen in Spanish, includes a chronology, discography, translated songs and poems, interviews, articles, listing of people important in Leonard's life, and a bibliography of books about Leonard.

Leonard Cohen | Halls of Fame

Dedicated to the documentation of the Hall of Fame awards and other honors Leonard Cohen has received throughout his career.

Russian Fan Page:

A Russian fan page for all things Leonard Cohen.